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What's the correct method to solve windows 10 screen saver does not work error codes?

Microsoft Windows operating-system includes many software that can help you complete your works effortlessly. The apps could be updated by dint of Automatic update service. However it's sometimes also noticed that Windows whenever you essay a latest setup or new software using Automatic update service, you will obtain the error windows 10 screen saver does not work. The error may come your way due to a lot of reasons as incorrect registry accounts, misconfigured system files or due to miscommunication between your computer and also the Automatic update service. After the error appears, you can't connect to the computer correctly. In summary, remove this error is very necessary.


A few problems that you will meet in your computer:

  • Slow computer performance
  • The computer is stuck during normal operation or when running multiple tasks
  • BSOD error is showing
  • Some unwanted apps get opened automatically
  • Updating is not possible

What symptoms are shown?

This windows error apears on your PC screen with some error message in the pop-up. They are:

  • Desktop blue screen
  • Desktop icons not showing
  • Nothing on desktop
  • Taskbar not disappeared
  • Taskbar not not found
  • Toolbar missing on desktop
Cause for windows 10 screen saver does not work:

This is caused by a different PC component that can not be properly connected to your computer.

    For a few reasons, the lack of a file or registry permission causes windows 10 screen saver does not work on your device. The most common of these relates to the existence of malware programs on your machine. Malware may disrupt and change system files required for the update process. Thus, this error code requires a systematic approach to first find missing or corrupt files, as well as cleaning up malware programs that may prevent your PC from accessing updates.
Professional Method

Step 1: Rescue the OS

The first thing you'll need is an antivirus program. Scan your system to find any viruses that have been accessed and then deleted. You could even try using more than one antivirus, for best results.

Step 2: Check Hard Drive Errors

  • Boot your system through Safe Mode
  • Open your computer directory and then right-click on Drive and select Properties
  • Go to the Tool tab under properties and click Check Box under Error-Checking
  • Next click both Check Boxes: Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors
  • Finally, hit the Start button

Step 3: Fix Malfunctioning Programs

  • When booting your PC, press F8 to Open Advance Boot Manager
  • Select Safe Mode Option
  • Head over to the Control Panel and click Uninstall Programs
  • Delete the latest installed application, the latest before the error occured (or whatever software you suspect is causing the error)

Step 4: System Restore

  • Go to Advanced Recovery Options while booting from the Windows Installation Disc
  • Select System Restore
  • A list of Restore Points will appear. Select the point from which you want to continue, making sure it is from before the issue occured

Step 5: Re-Install Windows

Finally, if nothing works, there's always the option of re-installing your OS altogether. Certainly this will permanently delete all data and settings and will most likely repair the Windows issues

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