Usb if x hci usb code 31 often occurs when your windows system crashes and freezes to a certain extent. It can seriously affect the use of the PC, so we have to study how to handle it.


Some problems that you may meet in your computer:

This error may cause thatsystem crash and run slowly, software not run, game not run.

Let us know the symptoms

This windows error displays on your PC screen with some error message in the pop-up. They are:

  • Usb driver not found
  • Usb device not recognized popup
  • Usb dll not found
  • USB device device not shown
  • No USB device device driver
  • Stopped error with 0x
Reason of usb if x hci usb code 31:

The error may come to you due to many reasons like:

    The most important reason for usb if x hci usb code 31 is out-of-date or corrupt driver software. The driver program may be not compatible with the motherboard. Problems with the BIOS in the computer could also cause this usb if x hci usb code 31 to occur.usb if x hci usb code 31 is caused by|due to} misconfigured system files in your windows system.
What's the simple method to fix usb if x hci usb code 31 error codes?
Professional Resolution

Check usb drive connetion
1.First click the little triangle at the right bottom on your pc. Then find if there is a usb icon. It there is, it proves your usb connect with your pc. Otherwise your usb don't connect to your pc.

Update usb driver
1.Click Start and type device in the searchbox, then press Device Manager. Click Universal Serial Bus controllers and right click on USB Mass Storage Device.

2.Under the button Driver click on Update Driver.

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