Are you seeing a Sorry messge that contains error code? Whenever you have windows desktops issue with your PC, don't panic! There are a number of basic troubleshooting techniques you can use to work around issues, we hope your PC can in order after reading this.


In most cases, you will encounter:

As a result of this error code, your computer might lag and the system may be blocked while performing usual operations.


This windows error displays on your PC screen with some error message in the pop-up. They are:

"restoring desktop in start window not found."
Reason for restoring desktop in start window:

The issue is normally triggered by the following causes:

    Unable to update current windows to windows 10. Computer drivers is oudated or damaged. Install a software in a wrong way. Too much bad browser cookies or registries files. Hard disk has not sufficient space.
Professional Method

Display setting can be found in control panel menu, you can make settings according to your demand.
1.Text size, windows, and screen resolution: right click on the desktop -> Personalize -> Display -> choose the size you want to set -> click Apply. A window will be opened -- ask you to log off immediately to make the changes active.
In most cases, the system recommended resolution is suitable, change on resolution setting in normal condition is not suggested.

2.Desktop Background: Right click on the blank of desktop -> Personalize -> Desktop Background -> Browse… -> choose suitable picture -> Picture position: center -> Save changes

3.Adjusting desktop icons:
Show desktop icons: right click on desktop background ->View -> Show desktop icons
Creating new shortcut: right click on icon -> Create shortcut
Creating new folder: right click on desktop background -> New -> Folder
Rename icon name: right click on icon -> Rename
Change icon sizes: right click on desktop background -> View -> Small icons/Medium icons/Large icons
4.Change the appearance of windows and text
Right click on desktop blank position -> Personalize -> Windows Color -> choose color square you prefer and adjust color intensity -> Save changes

Another Method to Fix this Problem: restoring desktop in start window

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