I am currently having a issue with my computer, What is iexplore exe and how do I fix it? Iexplore exe problems? Anyone have any suggestions?


In most cases, you may encounter:

In most cases, you can experience program lock-ups, PC performance degradation, system crash, BSOD, startup or shutdown problem, and installation issues.

What symptoms are shown?

This windows error apears on your PC screen with some error message in the dialog box. They are:

"There were some problems installing updates, but we'll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information this may help: (iexplore exe takes up 99 mem usage)"
Reason of iexplore exe takes up 99 mem usage:

The most important reason behind iexplore exe takes up 99 mem usage is:

    Windows update error iexplore exe takes up 99 mem usage generally caused due to wrong registry entries, missing system files, corrupted or broken system files.
Manual Resolution

Step 1: Scan virus

If your computer infects malware or virus, iexplore exe takes up 99 mem usage error is reported to prevent executions performed by malicious programs. Virus or malware infection is one of the most frequent common viruses and starting a virus scan should be the first essay. If there is malware or virus on your PC, the error you get is a signal of it. The right and first reaction to that is running a full virus scan for computer system and personal files as soon as possible. If you already have installed antivirus software, then update it to the latest version and carry out virus scanning.

Step 2: Repair registry

In some conditions, the issue is caused by bad system maintenance and damaged registry entries. Registry is damaged due to software installation or uninstallation, for example users install new apps over old ones without deleting or uninstall them correctly. System registry is usually deemed as SPOF (single point of failure) by many Windows users, which shows that OS associated with registry and registry corruption may lead to system abnormal functions.

In order to clear up the error, you should check registry entries and delete all redundant and invalid entries, but for many users who are not computer experts, this will be a complex process. One incorrect operation may turn computer into inoperable, such as deletion of wrong entry accidentally. If you are not a computer guru, you can attempt some third-party software which is able to scan and fix corrupted registry automatically rather than repairing registry manually. There are many such software on the Internet to choose from, and most of them do equally well.

Step 3: Disable DEP (Data Execution Prevention)

Data execution prevention was originally used by Microsoft and used on Windows XP Service Pack 2 and later versions. It is a set of security features designed for preventing code execution from non-executable memory segments. It checks memory in order to protect computer againstkeep computer away from virus.

DEP has been enabled for both hardware and software components since Windows XP SP2. However, some programs are still unable to be fully compatible with it. Some apps use a technique, usually called dynamic code generation, which doesn't mark these codes with an execute permission. As a result, this conflict gives rise to the problem. In addition, if software is developed without SafeSEH, it will cause iexplore exe takes up 99 mem usage error when DEP is enabled on the computer.

If you encounter the error due to DEP, you can contact the developer of the software which cause the problem and ask whether they have a resolution. Alternatively, you can disable DEP for the software in question and this can be done by following steps:

  • Log in computer with Administrator account to make sure you have fully administrative rights.
  • If your computer is running Windows XP, click "Start" button and select "Run". Windows 7 user can press Windows and R keys. Type sysdm.cpl in Run box and click OK.
  • You can see System Prosperities window where you need to click Advanced tab and then click Settings.
  • The "Performance Options" window will appear and please click "Data Execution Protection" tab. Select the option "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select" and click "Add" button.
  • Browse files from the Open applet and find the exe files of the software which causes the error code. Select it and click "Open" button.
  • Click "Apply" and "OK" to make changes take effect.

Step 4: Remove bad RAM memory

Normally, a bad or incompatible RAM (Random Access Memory) brings about the issue. For instance, you've just added a new memory to your computer to improve performance; however, you start to get error iexplore exe takes up 99 mem usage from that time on. You can deal with the problem by simply removing the memory and restarting computer to check whether the error has disappeared. If that works, retrieve the memory or replace it with one that is fully compatible with your computer.
Note: Before taking away RAM memory, you should turn off computer and remove all cables such as power, network, and so on. If your PC is laptop, turn off the computer and remove the battery.

Step 5: Update Internet Explorer 6.0

The error may occur in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 when you try to access an HTML file or web page. Meanwhile, the IE appears to stop responding when the error occurs. This error occurs especially when the HTML document or web page Internet Explorer 6.0 attempt to open includes SPAN tags which were incorrectly closed. If the label tag is not closed correctly with tag, the access to the conflict will take place.

With regard to solutions, Internet Explorer is outdated and current Windows 10 introduces Edge. You can setup the later version of Internet Explorer such as Internet Explorer 10 or use other free browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.

Another Solution: iexplore exe takes up 99 mem usage

SmartPCFixer™ is a full featured and easy-to-use system optimization tool, with it, you can: clean windows registry, remove cache files, fix errors, defrag disk, update windows, download dll, find programs to open file extensions and 20+ other system tools.

You can now download the repair tool and repair error iexplore exe takes up 99 mem usage with one click.
Repair the error iexplore exe takes up 99 mem usage within 3 steps.

Step 1: Download & Run SmartPCFixer - Download Now

Step 2: Open SmartPCFixer and Click "Quick Scan" to analyze your System(Normally, the software performs an automatic scan).

Step 3: Click "Fix All" button when the scan is complete, then the issue will be resolved

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