What is the problem? My bluetooth speaker won't detect any devices, The errors are very annoying. Is there some way to trouleshoot this problem?


A few problems that you will see in your computer:

  • Computer runs slowly
  • System is stuck while performing normal operations or while multitasking
  • BSOD error is showing
  • Some unwanted files run automatically
  • Update program is not able to run

About the symptoms

The most common c windows system32 tasks error that appears on a Windows-based computer is following:

"c windows system32 tasks Access Violation."
Cause of c windows system32 tasks:

It is caused by different PC components not being able to properly connect to your computer.

  • Crucial system file corrupted or missing
  • Malware interfering
  • System is corrupt
  • System32 config system missing
  • Windows system32 config system corrupt
Vocational Resolution

Error c windows system32 tasks is often associated with the old version of.NET Framework installed on your system. By default, the built-in version of Micorosoft.NET Framework is 3.5.1. You can reinstall Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 by the following steps:

1) Click the Start and type: features in the Search box.
2) Select "Turn Windows Features on or off " and click Enter.
3) Find Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5.1 and uncheck the box.
4) Restart the computer.
5) Repeat the step 1) to step 2.
6) Check the box before Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5.1.
7) Restart the computer.

Highly Recommended Solution: c windows system32 tasks

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