Error active desktop wallpaper windows 10 will occur itself when Windows users are attempting to activate Windows. You may try to activate it by the update and security option, but it is likely that you will get the same error code. Error active desktop wallpaper windows 10 could present when Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users try to upgrade and activate Windows 10 on their computer.


Some problems that you may see in your computer:

In most cases, you are going to experience program lock-ups, sluggish computer performance, system crash, blue screen errors, startup or shutdown error, and installation issues.

Let us know the symptoms

The most common active desktop wallpaper windows 10 error that appears on a Windows-based computer is following:

  • All taskbar desktop icons missing
  • Blank desktop
  • Desktop shortcut is gone
  • Nothing on desktop
  • Taskbar not not found
  • Taskbar not not showing
Causes of active desktop wallpaper windows 10?

There are many reasons for the error active desktop wallpaper windows 10:

    One of the reasons for this error could be viruses. If such a malicious piece of software has infected your PC, it may damage your registry file or data related to the system startup process.Even though you may be using an antivirus, remember that no defense is 100% foolproof.
    An issue with your hard drive might be another reason for this malfunction. This is because the life spanof a hard drive is limited, and it depends on its quality, use, and maintenance.
    Also, some errors could occur if a program or an update is incompatible with your OS. A good piece of general advice is to always be careful what you're installing, and removing from your computer!
Vocational Solution

Error active desktop wallpaper windows 10 is frequently associated with the old version of.NET Framework installed on your system. By default, the built-in version of Micorosoft.NET Framework is 3.5.1. You can reinstall Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 through the following steps:

1) Click the Start and type: features in the Search box.
2) Select "Turn Windows Features on or off " and click Enter.
3) Find Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5.1 and uncheck the box.
4) Restart the computer.
5) Repeat the step 1) to step 2.
6) Check the box before Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5.1.
7) Restart the computer.

Another Solution: active desktop wallpaper windows 10

  • Only 3 steps will fix the error active desktop wallpaper windows 10 quickly and safely.
  • Step 2: Launch the software.
  • Step 3: Click Fix all to repair active desktop wallpaper windows 10 issue completely.

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